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Lucifer lyrics - Jay Z

Lucifer, dawn of the morning!
I'm gonna chase you out of Earth
Lucifer, Lucifer, dawn of the morning...
(I'm from the murder capital, where we murder for capital)
Lucifer, Lucifer, dawn of the morning!
I'm gonna chase you out of Earth
(Kanyeeze you did it again, you're a genius nigga!)
Lucifer, Lucifer, dawn of the morning...
So you niggas change your attitude
For they asking what happened to you

[Verse One]
Lord forgive him
He got them dark forces in him
But he also got a righteous cause for sinning
Them a murder me so I gotta murder them first
Emergency doctors performing procedures
I ain't trying to be facetious
But "Vengance is mine" said the Lord
You said it better than all
Leave niggas on deaths door
Breathing off res-por-rators
for killing my best boy, HATERS
On perminate hiatus as I skate
In the Maybach Benz
Flya the Sanna Lathan
Pumping "Brown Sugar" by D'Angelo
In Los Angeles
Like an evangelist
I can introduce you to your maker
Bring you closer to nature
Ashes after they cremate you bastards
Hope you been reading your psalms and chapters
Paying your ties being good Catholics
I'm coming


[Verse Two]
This is Holly war
I wet you all with the Holly water
Spray from the Hetckler Koch auto
Matic all the static shall cease to exist
Like a sematical I throw a couple at you
Take six
Spread love to all of my dead thugs
I'll pour out a little Louie 'til I head above
Yes Sir
And when I perish
The meek shall inherit the earth
Until that time it's on a poppin Church
Like Don Bishop
The fifth upon cock either
Lift up your soul or give the Holly ghost please
I leave ya in somebody's Cathedral
And stunting like Evil Kenevil
I'll let you see where that bright light lead you
The more you talk the more you irking us
The more you gonna need memorial services
The Black Albums second verse is like
Devil's Pie please save some dessert for us

Man I gotta get my soul right
I gotta get these Devils out my life
These cowards gonna make a nigga ride
They won't be happy 'til somebody dies

Man I gotta get my soul right
'For I'm locked up for my whole life
Everytime it seems it's all right
Somebody want they soul to rise
(I'll chase you off of this Earth)

[Verse Three]
I got dreams of holding a Nine milla
To Bobs killer
Asking him "why?" as my eyes fill up
These days I can't wake up with a dry pillow
Gone but not forgotten Holmes I still feel ya
So... curse the day that birthed the bastard
Who caused your Church mass
Reverse the crash
Reverse the blast
And reverse the car
Reverse the day, and there you are
Lord forgive him we all have sinned
But Bobs a good dude please let him in
And if you feel in my heart that I long for revenge
Please blame it on the sun of the mourning
Thanks Again

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